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The Oxford Medical School Gazette (OMSG) back. 

We are the oldest medical student-run publication in the world, looking for fresh new ideas for our upcoming issue titled REFLECTIONS. We will be responding to emails and questions as soon as possible so please do get in touch!

We are a publication prepared by students at Oxford Medical School.  We publish articles focused on current debates or topics of interest in the world of medical science. This includes, but is not limited to, ethical dilemmas, original takes of clinical or pre-clinical research, and reflections on politics, medical education, and the future of healthcare.

Many of the articles we publish are written by current students. However, we encourage contributions from anyone with a point to make. If you would like to write for the OMSG, have a look at the current theme here and email the editors with your idea.

Get in touch!

Contact us at editors@omsg-online.com

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