Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Articles must be in English, using British spellings.

  • Articles should be referenced using the Harvard Referencing style.

  • In submitting work to the OMSG, writers agree to free access and use of the material published in it with proper acknowledgement of authorship.

  • After an article has been accepted it may be edited for length or to conform to house style (punctuation, end note formatting etc) and the OMSG reserves the right to make the final decisions regarding editorial changes

Feature Articles

  • 700-1000 word limit

  • These articles aim to provide a balanced argument about a topic, and are not a place for personal opinion, although writers are of course encouraged to show their personality in their writing style as desired.

Opinion Pieces

Book and Film Reviews

  • 500-800 word limit

  • These shorter articles give writers a chance to present their views on a current topic in the world of medicine.

  • 300-500 word limit

  • The book/film chosen has to have some link (be it direct or indirect) to either medical science or clinical medicine

  • Traditionally reviews also include a rating of the book or film out of 5 stars